Everyone who knows me will agree that patience is not what I’m good at. But patience is what you have to learn when you are self-employed. You can try to work harder and faster, but people, contacts, friends and other companies around you will teach you to slow down. I always thought capitalism is about being fast, but those rules don’t apply in Austria. So I take the last couple of month as a lesson I’ve learned. Why? Because everything is fine even though it takes longer than expected. I’ve learned not to think pessimistically just because something did not happen in a day. I’ve learned to live with nearly no private salary for much longer than I’ve ever expected when I quit my last job. I’ve learned to enjoy life. And I’ve learned – or let’s say, I’m still learning – how to snowboard. I guess it’s part of life that priorities change. If you like it or not.

increasing performance

Today I’m feeling like a delicate little plant that is soon becoming something bigger. This year has been tough. We had an idea and we’ve been working on it’s realization. But every now and then someone will let you know that he or she doesn’t like your idea. And those critics are like a punch into the stomach. Actually only the idea is criticized  but it feels more like you are the one who is blamed for having a bad idea. But you’ll grew up and you might get stronger. You’ll gather arguments that you can use as your weapons to fight every criticism.

This Tuesday was may day – the day I could use all my weapons to convert doubts into success. We’ve been invited to a pitching event at the Conda head office in Vienna. The audience listened to an introduction into crowd-investing and alternative forms of financing your venture. Later on we and others had the opportunity to present our project. In my case, the GeccoGuide. Once the pitch was done we thought that’s it for the evening. But somehow our pitch was so good that a lot of people came to our booth asking tons of questions about Level12, the GeccoGuide, current state of development and future markets. We’ve heard those questions a million times this year and now we were not only able to answer them all but also to bring people into a state in which they are really amazed about what we do. And believe me, this feels cool. Seeing how people are on your side. That day I went to bed with a smile and two days later two of the guests had invested quite a lot of money into our project.