… thrilled

Every day something new happens – isn’t that cool? Because of our crowd-investing campaign we gain a lot of public attention. Of course, we never know if that attention is meant in a positive or more skeptical way. But so far we’ve been lucky. And as a nice side effect customer request are coming in. So stay tuned and see what will happen next.

10% – and more to come

10% Rabatt - 3D Schrift

So how does it feels like – being the one behind the crowd-funding project? You want to know? Then invest and become part of the game. For us founders it feels sometimes a bit strange. Asking friends and family and strangers to put their money into our project. Then they always ask what might happen to the money? Honestly, nobody knows. Maybe you’ll get it ten times back our maybe it’s gone. But believe me, we do our very best to assure that your money isn’t wasted and that you get a nice return on investment. How do we know? We are facing all the obstacles on the way. For example we make sure that many customers will buy the product and we are currently preparing are road-show throughout Austria just to get in touch with climbers who are eager to use the GeccoGuide. And that part is fun, because we grow with every step we take and with every positive feedback we get. So, now it’s your turn – we reached 10% of our funding limit already, but only you can help us to succeed with 100% or even more!